Hi, I'm Alaric!

Who are you?

Welcome to my vanity domain.

In my spare time, I'm the Cub Scout Leader for Cranham, and I pursue my own open source software projects, experiment with metalwork and electronics, and learn things (I'm studying Lojban and Krav Maga, and anything else interesting I read on the Internet or pick up a book on). My goal in life is to develop technology, to make everything more awesome. If you bumped into me in the street, the first thing you'd probably notice is the amount of technology I'm wearing.

I live in Gloucester, England with my wife Sarah and our children. Sarah and I share a blog, www.snell-pym.org.uk, so our mutual friends can keep track of us. However, I've been putting rather a lot of technical ramblings up there, so I've divided it into categories. For just my writings, visit http://www.snell-pym.org.uk/archives/author/alaric/; for just technical things (by either of us), visit http://www.snell-pym.org.uk/categories/sci-tech/; and for stuff relating purely to our personal lives, instead see http://snell-pym.org.uk/categories/the-family/. I'm also to be found on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and if you must, Facebook.

You can find more about me by exploring my FOAF. My face looks something like this.

My Amazon wishlist contains A tiny subset of the things I want; or you can send me some Bitcoin to 1ALAricQjEj5ErpDCLDZWYHGv15jMq1gEM.

One day I'd like to:

Here's my geek code:

Version: 3.1
GCS/CM/E/S/TW/O d+(-)>x s+: a- C++++$ UB++++$ P- L- E$ W++$ N+ w>--- 
PS+() PE Y+(++) PGP+ t 5+ X R+++>$ tv-- b+++ DI++$ D++ 
G e++ h--- r+++ y++++ 

Click here for a decoding.

Lastly, I of course have a PGP key. My key ID is 50633C18 (replacing my old C38DBA49 and 7371086A), my fingerprint is B608 66B6 BC24 B19F E4D0 BD08 F1D6 C29E 5063 3C18, and my public key can be found on the SKS keyserver pool.

I'm a proponent of the Web of Trust model - I will happily sign keys. Show me a government photo ID and I'll use caff to sign your key at cert level 2, or level 3 if I know you personally anyway. Give me reasonable evidence of your ownership of a pseudonym and I'll sign that too. Since I'm also into RDF, as well as sending you signatures by email using caff, I'll also publish my assertion about the mapping between your name and your key in my signed FOAF file (linked above); if you receive the signature caff sends you and I notice it's been uploaded to the keyservers, or I have other reason to trust your email address is yours, I'll add an mbox:sha1sum statement to my RDF on you, thus publishing the same statement in RDF.

There's a detached signature for the raw source of this page.